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Shirtloads of Science

Nov 26, 2023

Salts prove Mars once had water. The rings tell us more about how and when this happened. Also the story of the lost chopper and how they found it. Dr Karl with first-hand accounts from Percy's driver. 

Adrian Brown

Dr Karl

Nov 19, 2023

Dr Karl gets a detailed briefing on a giant starry bubble just announced. Professor Lewis includes CMB, BAOs and traces of Dark Matter in his explanation.

Geraint F Lewis


Nov 12, 2023

There are F Bombs in the Oppenheimer movie but no mention of G Bombs. Dr Karl probes Prof Lewis for the original source of atomic energy . The answer is surprising.

Geraint F Lewis


Nov 5, 2023

Dr Karl meets Assistant Professor Lisa Piccirillo who unravelled an age-old knotty problem with four dimensional topology.  Professor Piccirillo will deliver the Simon Marais Memorial Lecture at The University of Sydney on 7 November, register here.

Dr Karl

Professor Lisa...