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Shirtloads of Science

Feb 17, 2019

Dr Karl meets Daniel Alexander. Daniel donates blood plasma every second week. Find out how his particular blood can save the lives of babies. His body chemistry is rare and he's one of oly 150 Australians currently supporting this vital program.

Blood is central to life and our immune system.
Donating in...

Feb 10, 2019

Imagine something that would undo all the bad stuff you put in your mouth. Now that would be a Super Food. Superfoods do not exist and Dr Nick Fuller takes Dr Karl through recent claims. 
Twitter: @drnickfuller

Feb 3, 2019

Dr Karl and AI expert Dean Blumenstein from UTS Sydney discuss the application of drones being deployed on Australian beaches this summer. Can deep learning improve on helicopter surveillance ? Can a drone save someone from drowning faster than lifeguards ? How safe in are we in the hands of AI ?