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Shirtloads of Science

Apr 24, 2022

Dr Karl talks with an Aussie who works full time on the surface of Mars. Meet Dr Adrian and his RC explorer "Percy". They are looking for water on the red planet and pushing the boundaries of science . 



Apr 17, 2022

Heard of Kilonovas ? Prof Murphy works with them all the time. What about Supernovas ? In an expanding universe do things always get bigger ? Dr Karl investigates.



Apr 10, 2022

Once you find gravity waves, what's next ? Gold ! The most stable and heavy element we know of lies central to our interpretation of our cosmos. Coincidence ? Dr Karl consults Prof Murphy.



Apr 3, 2022

The 21st century has been huge for physics. We are now able to build experiments to test Einstein's theories. Professor Tara Murphy has been there and gives Dr Karl an insider's view of modern physics.