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Shirtloads of Science

Jan 23, 2017

Karl, Alice and Jessica choose and discuss their top 4 Scientific discoveries of 2016. Astronomy, Biology, Computer Science, Physics and more. But there is one breakthrough they all agree on (and it has an Australian connection). Listen and find out.

Jan 21, 2017

We rarely get to hear "insider's"  stories of extraterrestrial discovery. Doctor Karl meets Warwick Holmes - avionics systems engineer on the Rosetta mission that orbited comet seeking the chemical signatures of life. He gives us a blow by blow account of extraterrestrial exploration in the 21st Century. How do you test...

Jan 13, 2017

Three Doctors (almost) - with Dr Karl's report on his expedition to see the Great Barrier Reef coral spawn . Dr Alice on why morning sickness may be good 4 U and how ear-worms work. Plus Dr Jessica (almost) on the physics of the ponytail.

Jan 3, 2017

Dr Alice reports on "open source pharma" for malaria,
Dr Karl on space nation #3 - China.
Dr Alice on Australian Budgerigars and the traffic control of drones.
How Diet is the new highway to human development
and is your brain tricking you into making bad choices ?
2017 New Year resolution advice from Shirtloads