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Shirtloads of Science

Jul 14, 2024

The bird family tree may need pruning. Geneticists have made new connections that take us back to the great extinction event. Professor Ho explains to Dr Karl how this is changing our views on dinosaurs and chickens.

Prof Simon Ho

Jul 7, 2024

Dr Karl learns a new German word 'dunkelflaute'. Rare in Australia yet it plays havoc in colder countries. Yet another reason why atomic reactors are a poor choice for Australia as Dr Barnes explains.

Dr Barnes

Jun 30, 2024

Under current net zero plans, local renewables should directly supply 75% of our energy needs. What about the remainder? Dr Karl consults an engineer on why atomic reactors are a very poor choice for Australian conditions.

Dr Barnes

Jun 23, 2024

Which planetary moons are the best? Space fanatic Kate Howells puts Dr Karl in orbit around some of our most interesting lumps of stuff. How will Earth's moon rate ?



Jun 16, 2024

A shadow of Covid-19 lingers for many. Dr Karl continues his discussion with front-line clinician Professor Steven Faux. Good diagnosis and management offer some a healthy future.