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Shirtloads of Science

Jun 27, 2021

Dr Karl meets a PhD student studying frogs on Australia's East Coast. Many species are on the edge of extinction. Frogs living on the fringe of human habitations are most at risk. So how best can we best care for biodiversity ?  

IUCN Redlist

Frog ID App

Jun 20, 2021

Celebrities often support pills, potions and creams that purport to make you look younger. What about dietary supplements for your skin ? Jennifer Aniston became the face of one brand’s collagen campaign recently. Is there any science in it ? Professor  Clare Collins tells Dr Karl. 

the conversation

Jun 13, 2021

Dietician Professor Clare Collins gives this celebrity diet expert analysis. UK singer Adele claimed it transformed her (along with Pilates and a personal trainer). The diet is based on a group of proteins called "Sirtuins". Adele sang its praises but is Sirtfood a fad, a fact or something in-between?


Jun 6, 2021

What is inside the heart of an atom ? Why does it stay together ? The relative dimensions of atoms are huge - Imagine a fly in a cathedral (the fly is a nucleus). Professor Lewis takes Dr Karl on a journey to the center of matter as we know it.