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Shirtloads of Science

Jul 30, 2017

In this episode - just about, almost on-the-verge of becoming Doctor Jessica on the physics of chemical bonding in spider's silk and how it might help us to build better stuff. Dr Alice on computer modelling predicting the shape of eggs. Dr Karl tells us about the first road trip by car. 

Nathan Gardner
over five years ago

Hey Dr Karl, (Dr) Jess and Dr Alice. I have a question concerning human/ animal biology. Its quite well known that pigs have a close genetic line to humans and there is alot of people struggling with past joint and ligament problems. So I was wondering would there be a way to recycle ligaments and cartlidge from deceased pigs then some how grind it to a fine paste / powder then through a keyhole procedure inject the solution into the patients joint then follow up with a curing solution to return the cartlidge back to a firmer state in addition after some rehab on the joint the cartlidge will be almost restored? Im sorry im not well educated I just like to think. Congrats Jess on handing in your PhD