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Shirtloads of Science

Nov 20, 2016

Dr Karl and Dr Alice put their heads together to discuss the latest research into well… all sorts of stuff! What do hairy leaves have to do with burning plants? Is Dr Karl’s fruit and veggie classification (serve it with ice-cream it’s a fruit, with gravy it’s a vegetable) scientifically accurate? And what exactly do killer kangaroos have to do with being unable to sleep in an unfamiliar bed? Listen up as the Doctors tackle these questions and more. And, if you talk to dogs (like Dr Alice does) there’s an experiment you might just want to try.

seven and a half years ago

I'm really loving the podcast Dr. Karl! Especially how many women scientists you feature on the show. I'd really love to hear more about this in general - for example, are things improving for women to get into science professionally? What kinds of measures are currently being taken to improve gender balance and what are some of the histories of great women scientists? Thanks!