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Shirtloads of Science

Dec 16, 2018

Is the ultimate cleaning compound a human byproduct ? What if Evolution was part of an experiment ?  Can a Virus kill Bacteria ? Plus Dr Karl reports on his recent visit to Mongolia. 

Dec 9, 2018

Dr Karl & Dr Alice bring you some of 2018's remarkable innovations. A process that transformed manufacturing and surgery, the "Deborah" Number and why a team of researchers went to a Post Office to investigate Male Erectile Disfunction.

Dec 2, 2018

7% of the listeners to this podcast will be affected by attacks of lower back pain. For both men and women it is a debilitating condition. Worse still, some prescriptions result in death. Professor Chris Maher challenged orthodoxy in a 2018 Lancet article with a set of treatment guidelines. Dr Karl helps decode the...

Nov 25, 2018

You are qualified and experienced. An invitation comes to speak at an international conference. Your research questions 30+ years of practice. Which path do you choose ? You know most of your audience will walk away disappointed. If you're Prof Chris Maher you follow both the Scientific Method and Hippocratic Oath. Is...

Nov 18, 2018

Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease are ruining the lives of otherwise healthy people. Many of us are at risk through uninformed choices. Doctor Karl consults dietitian Dr Kyra Sim and analytical chemist Dr Yvette D'Entremont for the latest. Did you know your lungs play a huge role in weight management ?